Mentor Community Spotlight: Alessandra

Taking Coursera courses made me more competitive in the job market and allowed me to perform better in job interviews.

Our spotlight this week is on Alessandra Monteiro Martins. Alessandra is a Mentor for Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains offered by University System of Georgia.

Share something about yourself

I’m a nerd of cardboard, passionate about technology. I love to study, to learn and to share new knowledge. I also love to cook and to travel.

What impact have Coursera courses had on your life?

After completing Coursera courses, I realized that I improved my information security skills and learnt so much about big data. I became more competitive in the job market and being quipped with all that knowledge allowed me to perform better in job interviews.

What do you enjoy most about Mentoring?

I started my role as a Mentor on December 31, 2016, so I’m still pretty new to the community. But so far I’ve already been impressed by the opportunity to learn and help other people, to exchange information and experiences, and to contribute in healthy and productive ways to the virtual learning environment with people from different parts of the world.

What would be your number one tip to give to a new Mentor just starting out?

Being a Mentor is challenging as it takes discipline to find extra time to participate effectively in activities, to motivate and engage students, and still stay motivated. Thus, to people who just get started, I would say – don’t give up half way.

You would eventually feel a great sense of achievement once you see student’s growth.

What does the Coursera/Mentor community mean to you?

The Coursera community means a lot to me. It means a vote of trust and respect as learners rely on my knowledge and skills to Mentor new students and support my fellow Mentors in their learning journey.

I’m a Brazilian and my native language is not English, so I’m also grateful for Coursera’s respect for diversity.