Mentor Community Spotlight: Dr. Alaa Zidan

Teaching is my passion and therapy against the challenges that I experience in my life. I should never embark on any thing that I don’t love or believe in


Our spotlight this week is on Dr. Alaa Zidan. Dr. Alaa is a Mentor in Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.

Share something about yourself 

I am a life-long learner who is always striving for knowledge. I will remain a learner until the day that I pass to the next world. I love learning so much. Learning helps us remain young, vital, alive and always being inspired to serve and inspire others.

What was your first Coursera course, how did you find out about it and why did you decide to take it?

I believe that my first course was with Prof Boyetz which was called Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence. It was such a stunning, outstanding, and impressive course which changed my life, opened my eyes, and expanded my world vision.

Having a good grasp over one’s emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is a very important skill to have in life;

I had learned about EQ from several international presentations before my enrollment in this course, but the Coursera EQ course approached this topic from a different prospective with an emphasis on leadership and how to use EQ to succeed in life

What’s your favorite Coursera course and why?

My Favorite course is the Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence course. This course is my favorite for several reasons, including the fact that it provided me with the approach and the strategy in developing my EQ further and using it as a significant tool in creating a successful life and career for myself.

I learned that we should have the passion and the heart to pursue what we truly love and believe in and to never give up on our dreams because nothing is impossible.

What impact have Coursera courses had on your life?

Coursera courses have inspired me and taught me that I should love what I do and do what I love. I learned that what other people think about me is not important and what truly counts is what I think of myself. I learned to never ignore my heart and to follow my passions in life. The idea that I should never embark on any thing that I don’t love or believe in was solidified through my courses. I also learned that EQ is the essence of inspirational leadership and that we should derive our power from love, passion, and our desire to serve others, not a desire to have others serve us.

I also understood that in this era of technology, people are more digitally connected but they are emotionally disconnected and that human connections in most of our lives are fading away, but this is why we should focus even more on being human rather than robots or slaves to technology.

How did you decide to become a Mentor?

I have been teaching in the university for over 13 years, and since I scored high in the Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence course, I was offered to be a mentor, which I couldn’t resist, as teaching is my passion and therapy against the challenges that I experience in my life. I love and adore teaching, and I wouldn’t give up on any opportunity to serve others.