Mentor Community Spotlight: Namrata Tejwani

So mentoring is a 2 way street for me, I am learning while helping others to learn and there is nothing more satisfying than this feeling.

Our spotlight this week is on Dr. Namrata Tejwani. Namrata is a Mentor for A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

Share something about yourself

I live in Mumbai, India, with my husband and son. I am a medical doctor with Diploma indr-namrata-tejwani
Human Resource Management. I am self employed. Recently I have cut down on my professional work, to live life as it unfolds. I have minimum do’s and don’ts in this new way of life, and I am enjoying it – goal free, no starting or finishing point.

I love to read about topics of interest. That made me sign up on various platforms as learner. I am now realizing it is self propelling environment. I am currently a Beta tester as well as a Mentor on Coursera (for amazing course- A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment), and TA on EdX for Science of Happiness.

Besides this, I love to listen to music, my favorite is Sufi music, Gazhals, but I like a lot more types depending on my mood and melody being in harmony. I love to help others, and have worked as freelance volunteer for YMCA boys home, my most cherished experience for 5 years, it changed my view for life, and at an NGO for 1 year run by my friend for kids of domestic help.

What was your first Coursera course, how did you find out about it and why did you decide to take it?

My first course (If I remember correctly) was Know Thyself.  My son had moved to Hostel for his undergraduate study , and he suggested me to have a look at MOOC to deal with empty nest syndrome in a positive way. He created my account, looking at my lack of initiative. So one day while I was reflecting on life, I ended up logging in Coursera and started looking for some course on philosophy. I had never tried my hand in this field, and it appeared in my search. I finished it diligently and enjoyed completing it.

What impact have Coursera courses had on your life?

Coursera made me more of a learner, earlier all my learning was tied to career growth, now it is related to my interest. I took most of the courses because the topics were of my interest. I completed courses for personal growth but as leisure learner, no pressure. I have so far completed 10 courses on this platform and many I have audited minus assignments, and now I am beta testing, so I end up learning a lot. I have completed many courses on various other platforms like EdX , Future Learn, Udemy, Life ReImagined etc. But still Coursera is my favorite platform.

Which course do you Mentor? What do you like most about the course?

I am currently mentor on A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment. This course changed my perspective about happiness, dealing with misconceptions/myths, provided practical ways to incorporate learning in day to day life. It made happiness achievable. Not that before taking this course I was unhappy ( I started while I was in upper range), but it helped me predict why some of my actions are going to bring me unhappiness, so no more surprises when I see results. It directed my practice of gratitude, empathy, forgiveness and finding silver lining in the cloud. Why not try taking it, instead of reading my experience?

This course changed my perspective about happiness […] it helped me predict why some of my actions are going to bring me unhappiness

What do you enjoy most about Mentoring?

Mentoring is as such pleasantly challenging task, it has taught me to respond in more responsible way, with an attitude to keep learners’ best interests in mind. When a learner shares his experience on the platform (in my course the exercises touch the very human aspect) expecting to be judged harshly but nonetheless wanting to share, and the mentor ends up encouraging in nonjudgmental way, the few words of thanks that the learner writes back makes my day. In other issues of submission learners really get irritable and frustrated, being able to deal with them without feeling the same is my biggest learning. So mentoring is a 2 way street for me, I am learning while helping others to learn.

…the few words of thanks that learner writes back makes my day

What would be your number one tip to give to a new Mentor just starting out?

Don’t be afraid of being disruptive of the status quo maintained by older mentors, be proactive. Learners’ interests should be your priority.