Mentor Community Spotlight: Piyush Tejwani

Mentoring makes me feel spirited as I get to know something new about the world every time I have a conversation with a different individual.

Our spotlight this week is on Piyush Tejwani. Piyush is a Mentor in Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Financial Accounting.


Tell us something about yourself

Hey, I am 17 years old and I live in India. I have participated in a lot of business startup challenges. I am studying in the senior year of IB (International Baccalaureate). IB keeps me busy for most of the time but somehow I have managed to find time for mentoring because it gives me an opportunity to interact with new people, share my knowledge with them and learn from them.

What’s your favorite Coursera course and why?

Learning how to Learn is my favorite Coursera course and I am still deeply connected with it. When I receive emails from this course, I always read them very thoroughly, share them with my peers and sometimes I also share them with the learners whom I mentor.

I have written an article on learning techniques based on the knowledge I gained from this course, and it eventually got published in a well-known newspaper of my city and on my school magazine. That article got a really big audience and maybe a lot more people from my city even got interested in Coursera after reading that article.

Which course do you Mentor? What do you like most about the course?

I am now mentoring Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Financial Accounting. I like the math work in accounting and I like learning different marketing strategies in Marketing. Mentoring always keeps me engaged in learning these things.

Recently my team and I formed for a Business startup challenge used Google forms to survey a lot of people about which chocolate flavor they wanted us to launch first in the market for our product. The method we were using there is based on the concept of customer centricity I learned in the course Introduction to Marketing.

How did you decide to become a Mentor?

I decided to become a mentor because I love to interact with new people and share my knowledge with them.

It makes me feel spirited as I get to know something new about the world every time I have a conversation with a different individual.

So I was really interested in mentoring and I want to do it for my whole life.

Since then Coursera has made a great impact on my life and it will help me further in university applications. These courses got me a lot of appreciation from my teachers and peers. The Capstone project of the Business Foundations Specialization even got me a job of CMO and CFO in a company.

What does the Coursera/Mentor community mean to you?

Coursera/Mentor community has been my family for the last three months. My mailbox never gets empty because Coursera fills it every day and honestly I like it a lot. Being a part of such a big community is an honor to me. Mentorship keeps me updated about important concepts.

There are times when you forget some concepts and methods that you learnt earlier from the course, but mentoring never lets you forget anything and forces you to research more and more to provide rich data to your learners whenever they need any extra explanation of certain concepts.