Portuguese Translator Spotlight: Luciana Muniz

Translating through the GTC has given me the opportunity to interact with others, it has made it possible to be active professionally!

Our translator spotlight this week is on Luciana Muniz, a Portuguese (Brazilian) Translator for the Global Translator Community (GTC).

Please introduce yourself

My name is Luciana Muniz and I am from Brasilia, Brazil. I am a teacher but working as a full-time mom at the moment. I’ve been a member of the GTC since 2015. 

What courses have you helped translate and what have you learnt so far?

I have translated Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence offered by Case Western Reserve University. I participated in the translation of this course as part of a team project. I decided to be part of it in order to be acquainted with the resources of the platform and be more active as a member of the GTC. It was a very good experience. Working in a group is enriching and the Language Coordinator (Julia Yuri) was an excellent advisor. I learned a lot interacting with the team!

Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization by Michigan State University – This is the current project I’m working on. I’m a student in this specialization and think the classes are absolutely fantastic! I wish to see the courses of this specialization available in Portuguese. Apart from this, translating the lessons is a great opportunity for me to review all the content.

What motivated you to translate for the GTC?

In the first place, I love translation! To me, it is a very complex art that demands reflection and research.

Second, all the courses I have completed on Coursera are excellent. By translating these courses, I hope to make all these knowledge available to more people.

Third, translating through the GTC has given me the opportunity to interact with others.

Apart from this, it has made it possible to be active professionally apart from being a full-time mom!

What are your best practices for translating and what is your translation routine?

Working a little every day is a very good practice. 

Personally, I try to to keep a routine of 45 minutes, 3 times a week for a course (or better, for a lecture). I try not to initiate any activity before concluding one.

It allows you to think over some issues and come back to them the next day. Seeking advice and critics from peer is also a great advice I’ve got.

One of the most important aspects of translating the courses on Coursera is creating glossaries. This is very important in order to keep the translations consistent.